UX Mentoring / Coaching

What is UX mentoring and career coaching?

We all have lots of questions throughout our UX careers. From how to transition into UX, navigating through the job hunting process, to how to level up your skills to get that raise or promotion. For some of the questions, the answers are available through books and articles, but it can take time to figure out how to find the right resources or solutions. This is where getting an experienced designer may be the more efficient to get answers.

Through UX mentorship, you can get targeted advice or support towards a particular challenge or develop specific skills. On the other hand, career coaching focuses more on the bigger picture to help you establish actionable career goals and provide guidance on how to get there.

How can I help?

I’ve been working with designers actively for the last eight years as a mentor or coach. Example areas I can help with include (but are not limited to):

  • General UX career questions
  • Provide feedback on job hunting materials such as resumes & portfolio
  • UX design interview preparations such as presentation and design challenges
  • Discuss a project or work specific challenges

Cost & How it works

The first 30 minutes introductory session is free for us to meet and discuss how I may be able to support you.

Follow-up sessions are flexible/on-demand whenever you like to request one (not locking you into a schedule). My rate varies over time and depends on other factors. The current rate is $50 per 30 minutes session.

Please reach out via email using the contact link below to get started with a free first session!

Reach out by email
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